• Youth Civic Leaders Mentorship Program (2016 - Present)
    • Organization of high school and young adult civic leadership mentorship clubs, with a focus on voting education,  voter engagement and local political involvement.
  • PoliticalPropaganda.org (2015-Present)
    • Created and maintained the website http://politicalpropaganda.org for voter education purposes
  • Sponsorship of Art on Third (2018 - Present)
    • Sponsorship of the Art on Third - a community art gallery and community center in Chula Vista


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  • High School Voter Pre-Registration Drive (2017 - 2018)
    • In class presentations at high schools in North, East, and South San Diego County to pre-register students to vote
  • Vote By Mail Conversion Campaign (2017)
    Mail campaign to convert poll voters to permanent absentee voters.
  • "My Family Votes/Mi Familia Vota" (2016)
    • Bilingual voter registration drive in coordination with BAPAC, NextGen and NorthGate Markets to register voters for the 2016 general election. Focus on instilling voting as a family value in diverse communities of San Diego County
  •  "Get Involved With Politics" High School Outreach Program (2016)
    • Outreach to High Schools in San Diego and Chula Vista to inform high school students of their options to make an impact in the 2016 election.