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Raised in San Diego's South Bay, Marco Briones was born to a single mother, from whom he learned the values that guide him today. At San Diego City College, he was one of the first members to join Bringing Education and Activism Together (BEAT). That experience introduced him to social and economic justice issues and motivated him to look for ways to help better his community and the lives of working families. He joined the staff of the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council, where he served as a Field Organizer.

After the November 2012 elections and subsequent special elections, he took a position in the District Office of California Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, as a Field Representative, representing the 80th Assembly District. In the 2016 primary and general elections, Marco served as Campaign Manager for Lorena Gonzalez for Assembly, and also worked as Campaign Manager for Mara Elliott, who became the first female and non-white San Diego City Attorney.

Marco was a 2014 Fellow in the San Diego Leadership Alliance Institute and has since served on the institute’s Board of Directors. He also serves on the board of the Border View YMCA in his neighborhood of Otay Mesa in south San Diego. Marco is studying political science at City and Southwestern Colleges.

Marco most recently worked as the San Diego area director for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign, as a grassroots, inclusive, multi-ethnic organization, proudly living its motto – “Not Me, Us”. 

Boardmember - Marco Briones