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Boardmember - Brenda Aguirre

Brenda Aguirre is a South Bay Activist originally from Tijuana, Mexico. She immigrated to the United States almost two decades ago and became a citizen in 2014. She graduated from the UABC Business Program in Mexico. And also graduated from the Boards and Commissions Leadership Institute and the Young Professionals Council. Became embroiled in activism in the past 5 years, co-chartering the ACLU’s grassroots organization People Power South Bay, in Chula Vista. Currently serving in the organizational board, People Power South Bay has been a recognized group that advocates and works for immigrants of all statuses, a non-partisan, proactive group of residents who embrace inclusiveness and promote our American values of justice, fairness and civil rights, Influencing those who run our government by presenting facts and promoting policies and actions to ensure inclusive and informed decision-making; and contributing to an open atmosphere in the community by fostering respect for diversity and building solidarity among community groups. She was a member at large of South Bay Alliance, and a sitting board member of PFLAG San Diego, two organizations serving as support groups for LGBTQ families, allies and communities. Brenda works as the family resources Navigator in the Non-Profit Chicano Federation, helping the community with a variety of needs including but not limited financial assistance, food, shelter and education resources. 

She is an unapologetic mother of four on a mission to give a voice to those who are silenced and to challenge those who silence them.